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So the project to get my novel under way is starting with more Proper Reference sheets. Yes the little one I posted of Tike is but a smaller version of the full sized sheet however I came into a deadlock with one ref update.

Aurora. My pinkish hued long fined dolphin.

Now as I've stated before a lot of concepts from the original story went out the window in favor of more logical choices. One such being the species of the characters. I pretty much had everyone as a Bottlenose, but have changed that as welp, there are more dolphin species then just the Bottlenose, and it made sense for their to even be mixed pods in my world with the situation of dolphin life being enslaved.

Now as for Aurora, her and her kind were originally Atlantian. Yes, I had Atlantis in my story. That however was scrapped, it was just to... to yeah... over used? Common? The world in my story isn't 'Earth' as we know it, but it's own version with its own history and welp,
Atlantis had to go. So there's no more Atlantian Dolphins. Yet Aurora does still exist, her kind exists and they do have a major role in the story.

With out spoiling to much they are known as the Keepers. But that is a title as they safe guard over some elements on the world. However I would truly like a real species name for them. But Thus far I am coming up blank.

Aurora Character Ref by kurisutaru

You've seen Aurora a few times, and while that shown above was her... it no longer is. That ref was again before the concept was changed, and before I like many did the 'shrink an adult to make a calf' and yeah.. LOOK HOW WELL THAT WORKS!

Don't be lonely by kurisutaru

I've learned from that however, so no more adult shaped calfs.

This also means I need two refs, a general spcie's ref and one for Aurora.

So no, that isn't Aurora anymore (the ref I mean) and became more of a species standard, but even thats changing a bit. Their coloring for one now has many variants.. From being nearly white all over with faint hues, to being darker toned. Some being more pink, others being more lavender. Their general shape however remains roughly the same aside a few fin variants. They are larger then normal dolphins, more like Risso's or a little bigger. This change was to allow individuals to have their own unique look, sense yes at one point in the story we will be facing more then one of these and welp, rather not everyone look the same.

They are an
ancient species, and even toyed with the idea that other species may have stemmed off from them.
But I need a species name for them. I don't want to just stick to calling them Keepers.

I am horrid with coming up with such, so I'm hoping others may have better ideas?

Aurora by kurisutaru
Oekaki Slip Away by kurisutaru

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