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Kai a.k.a Taiine on some forums
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I'm sorry that this may become a bit of a long read, but it is something I need to get off my chest and explain to some why I had vanished off the face of the earth. Just bear with me though this.

Many of you may not know, but the last five so years has been a full on nightmare for me starting with the passing of the people I thought were my parents yet turned out to be my grandparents (that’s another story all its own) and me being shipped away to stay with my mom and ass of a step dad. But nothing beats the events starting in 2014 that added enormous stress to me and turned a bad situation into an ever downhill spiral.

To sum it up, in the first four months of 2014 I went from being out on my own all be it staying with a roommate, having two nice jobs that I enjoyed, both part time but they = over one full time, had money saving up and about ready to buy myself a car.

To being laid off one job due to budget cuts, having the other job come under new management that cut everyone’s hours to 10-15 a week… to also having to move back home with my mom and step dad Tom due to roommate wanting to move out of state and myself not finding a new place in time (not that I could afford such in the long run) .

This under the agreement that I gave Tom half my pay every pay day.

Let me make one thing clear, Tom does not like me; to him I am a useless waste of space. He is also one of those know it all people, the kind where he’s always right, everyone else is always wrong, and don’t you DARE prove him wrong. If he assumed something it’s right regardless. He not someone you could talk to as he if it didn’t go his way he’d accuse you of arguing with him.

Yep... you had to agree with everything he said, if not he’d threaten to throw you to the streets. He had done that once before two years prier. I was homeless for a week before mom convinced him to let me come back under things ‘changing’. A.k.a agreeing with everything he says and wants.  (Thus why my brothers escaped into the military to get away from him years prier, and why I was over joyed once I found work and could get away) Mom also had to; she sadly is disabled with MS and has no choice in the matter. He’s threatened to leave her if she didn’t fall in line and that would screw her over as she is 100% dependent on him.

A true grade A controlling asshole. Also a money grabber as he’d ‘forget’ when was the last time I paid him and accuse me of not paying him at all for some time and if I didn’t pay up end also throw me out again. The stress of being kicked to the streets loomed over me like a 100 ton weight and watching my savings dwindle down as I was stuck paying him more and more as he kept underplaying how much I was giving him.

Even with receipts  it didn’t matter as ‘he’s always right’ and if he says I haven’t paid him at all even if I just did the week prier then I must not have paid him at all and better have the money ready for him.  If I went out to buy food for everyone he’d down play how much I really spent and god forbid I spend anything for myself. He turned me using $2 on some hard candies into me wasting over $30 OF MY OWN MONEY. I’ve had friends over Skype enjoy hearing a lot of this nonsense too.  

Not to mention I was also paying off a student loan that came out every month as well. That came first and foremost.

I wasn’t having any luck finding another job. Unemployment is high in the area. What made it harder was that I did depend on the bus system and had to take into account their hours of run time and travel time to and from, plus they didn’t run on holidays. I’ve lost out on a lot of job opportunities due to such restrictions as they much rather hire someone whom can work any shift as well as the holidays. No, Tom would not help out with transportation as I’d be ‘wasting his time’. With him mooching everything I had, and my lower income I could no longer afford to get my own car. Thankfully the bus pass's were only $15 a month.

But oh no, it don’t end there.

By June Tom was again threatening to kick me out, and this time he was fully intending on doing it. He gave me the month to find another place even knowing that with only a 15 hour a week job at best I’d not be able to afford it. I likely would be out on the streets then if something didn’t happen.

Tom is a stubborn man on top of being Mr. Right. So when he got an infection in his toe he didn’t pay it no mind. Well, that toe ended up going from pink, to red, to BLACK. He had gone to the doctors to have it looked at  but came back with the word that it’s nothing, keep it wrapped and continue self-treating it… that was.. odd. Welp.. it spread from the toe to the foot, as it too turned from pink, to red, to BLACK. The foot stunk, it was shriveling up.

How he was walking on it we don’t know. We couldn’t say anything to him as he’d blow up and go on how the doctors already looked at it. Well... after a month of this, yes it was around July 4th when he came home from work pale as a ghost, dizzy, and a bit incoherent.  Mom finally put her foot down, telling Tom he either goes back to the doctors or she was calling an ambulance regardless of his threats. I think even Tom was realizing something was wrong as he shocked us by agreeing to drive himself to his doctors. Mom this time called ahead and told them to look at his black foot.

Next thing we know we get a call that Tom is being rushed to the emergency room, and not two hours after was rushed into emergency surgery to amputate the leg just below the knee.  He had WET GANGREEN  (warning its a bit graphic) and a rabid infection throughout his whole body that was shutting down his organs. If he had waited another week he would have been dead.  We learned that he had been telling his doctors that he had just sprained his ankle and that the foot was bruised. Under that notion they never really LOOKED at it.  He was stuck in the ER for over a month while they worked to save his life, then placed into rehab for another two months before his stubbornness and insistence got him back home.

He wasn’t threatening to kick me out at first... but his money pinching ways resumed, in fact they got worse with me having blown once over $600 in one month due to his demands and ‘forgetting’ when I last paid him. We really don’t know if he was legit forgetting or just doing it to mooch more money off me, I had it written down on a calendar every day I had paid him and how much but it didn’t matter.

This wasn’t the end of it, after a few months more his other foot also started to show signs of gangrene, starting with one of his toes. This time however he did go right in and they did remove it, but it kept coming back. In the end they had to remove half his foot leaving just the heel and by doctor order he is to remain in rehab until that foot is 100% healed. No more coming home because he demands to.

Here's a video I recorded on my 3DS as I was coming home from work (was going to show the chaos of the trip) with mom going on about Tom losing most his other foot.

This whole ordeal total with Tom and his feet went on into 2015, and is still going on to this day. In the years’ time I lost most of my savings to him and his money demands, the stress on me was enormous, I was watching every penny I was making go out the window, and I still had that threat of being thrown to the streets if I didn’t pay up looming over my head. My bank account had been in the negative income for months and soon I’d be homeless and broke with creditors after me for my student loans. I lost all desire to do anything, including art and other projects. I was just existing at this point.

I’ll admit with this kind of stress, the worry, I had thought a few times of maybe on my way to work instead of getting onto the bus to walk out in front of it. To me over the last five years it just felt like every time my life got stable something would happen to make it worse than the last. This last year was the tip of it all and I was at my breaking point.

I have to give credit to one of my childhood friends whom were well aware of the things I was going through, the outright chaos and one whom has over Skype heard some of the insanity that has taken place. She and her hubby shocked me into tears when they offered for me to come and move in with them. It felt like all that weight lifted off as it sunk in what this meant. But also fear, again to me it seems like every time my life got stable something comes along to ruin it… but I had to take the offer, I could no longer tolerate the stress, no longer stand the fear of being thrown out, no longer pretend that everything was alright, nor could I afford it. I was down to my last $1000 in my savings thanks to Tom and it was slowly vanishing.

I used what I got of my tax return and a little of said savings to fly myself down, and as of the 15th of May I have been staying with them.

So far it’s been alright, the stress that has built up to the point of bursting is slowly ebbing away. My only worry is finding a means of income but for now they want me to relax and help out around the house, my savings for the time will be supplemented with payment for the help I’m giving them, that and I’m hoping to get back into commission work to further help.

I still can’t help but worry about what the future may hold, but for now I am grateful to having such amazing friends. To the ones that got me out of a hellish situation to everyone else who has offered their support.

I don’t know what the future holds, but anything is better then what I’ve been stuck with for the last five years.

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