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Kai a.k.a Taiine on some forums
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  • Mood: Astonished
I guess I jump in on this. I came here over 10 years ago, following VCL, and Side7, at first it was just another place to post my art. But it also became a place to gain a few good new friends, friends I speak to often now outside of DA.

I began with simple mouse drawn, yes you heard me right, MOUSE DRAWN sonic fan art, that created one of my first OC's Leecohda…
Yeah, MOUSE DRAWN.... ahh photoshop 3.02 BETA.... owch...  Wana know how bad of an owch?…
It had a habit of corrupting files, SAVING with what you see in the image.
Leecohda was a species that I cant even recall anymore that lived in the barrens. I RPed her in Sonic RP's and what not, but after a while she just became her own character split from the fandom. I do have an updated work posted here, if you call some 10 years old updated.

But with my first scanner and a tablet, there was no more hand cramping mouse drawing for me, but still hand drawn on paper/scaned in/digitaly colored works.

Kouka or Yellow Kimera by kurisutaru
Looking back on that, I really want to do something now with that creature. It was a made up mini dragon species my grandmother actually helped me create. I had a few variants of it as well, a few sub species even drawn and colored in, yet sadly that is the only one that has survived it seems. Sad really... maybe I will go back and do something with it.

But yeah, I started simple, nothing big, but I did want to go big, I wanted to improve.

The Chase by kurisutaruEcco: Enemy Territory by kurisutaru
So I got into 3D... I am still into 3D as well. Poser and Bryce were my tools of choice for a long time, even if it took two days to render some of these 3D works with the system I had back in the day... yes rendered to scale at the size you see. It is medium I still work in, in fact for the comic I am working on, Zbrush has been the best tool ever for helping with ideas for some of the new species found.

Seekeer by kurisutaru
Anyone remember this guy? The WIP is posted here in the concepts
Scelus Seeker 3D Model by kurisutaru
 I don't know why I never posted the finished model although it is still untextured.. Or any of the others I made. Part of me thought of doing the whole comic in 3D as well, but I fail at rigging, it's the only thing I never could get the hang of in 3D. Sad face.

"Take me Higher" Ref Sheet by kurisutaruBubble Fin by kurisutaruCommission: Aldrea by kurisutaru

My next big leap ended up being Realism, and for a time I thought I was rather good at it. But it ended up becoming a bit of an obsession. I wanted to perfect it, I wanted everything to look at real as I could... and this led to part of my downfall...
I started hating my works, as most of the time it never came out how I wanted. I could never make the works look as realistic as I wanted.
Even when I admited defeat that with all the hard work and years of practices that my style just didn't fit so well with the whole realism theme... that I needed to take a step back. Stop trying to make things real and just go back to a more simple style that I use to be happy with.

But working on such for as long as I had I couldn't drop it, it became a style that I couldn't just change on the fly, I couldn't drop, but it also became a style I hated for not being perfect in my eyes. That's why my art has dwindled so much. It got to a point I stopped drawing all together.

Another reason was the passing of my grandmother, whom was my biggest influence and was the one that kept pushing me to follow my dreams. She passed Dec 4th 2010. After that my life situation has been flipped upside down, lots of added stress and worries kept me from doing anything really that I enjoyed. Even one of my tutorials I had started, it was made using a drawing I was going to have printed for her, but when she passed.... it remains unfinished, untouched... Made worse that after losing my system in a move it truly became lost forever along with everything else that didn't make it to a external HD I had, that also became useless as the cord has a short in it, and they don't make that kind anymore.

I do want to get back into drawing, I've been trying to work out a style that is both easy to color but also makes me happy, even if I STILL cant shake the realism aspect, at least I'm becoming somewhat happy with it.
Character Ref - Tike by kurisutaru

Yep, thats little Tike, a now striped/bottlenose hybrid. Wanted to diverse the species a bit.
Character Concepts by kurisutaru

But it does seem at times when ever I start getting stable in my life something happens that shatters it all. Being laid off from one of my two jobs, having to move back home, having my step dad in the hospital currently. Worried if I'll have a roof over my head.

I'm trying, thankfully I have the support of friends that DA had brought to me.

That's my story, my progress and my failures. What the future holds is a mystery to me.

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