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Inside the Mind Rough Draft by kurisutaru Inside the Mind Rough Draft by kurisutaru
I was looking in my art when I found this drawing I did. It's rather old but I still like it.

This, is a sean from an RP me doing with Jared, a friend of mine. It's oddly, Shaddex, My Mew'Morph [Yes pokemon, don't like it then leave], as a 12 year old kid, crying. Yasee, he has a mind control of some sort programming that was put into him at this age by an evil group known as the Hanta. But with the help of Gojo [Jard's char] be broke free [Hes 22/23 years old now btw] and fought off the programming to get his own mind back. But But during one event The Hantâ Programming in Shad started to try and take back control, so Gojo (Jareds char) entered shad's mind to see this. A mental image of shad as a kid, the age he was when the Hantá Programming was first put in.. with the Programming swarmming over the small boys body... Poor shad, an adult, a mighty fighter, but mentaly, a traped little boy.. unable to brake free...

Copyright © 1999 - 2000 Kurisutaru Euingu
Pokemon © GameFreak
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kattiechan Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2003  Hobbyist Writer
poor thing...
colour probably?
raithesheep Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2002
Whoa. All I said was I remembered it, babe. Take some pills. ;) (Wink)
kurisutaru Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well well look who apperd here. hiii Rai.. let me guess. you're still after me clamming I stole a hole bunch of you're stuff such as names and all? the stuff that you can't copyright yet you're still sooooooooooooo deturmaned to make me chang such thing's. I see you're STILL bashing this one image claming I stole it from you. Geez you did this when I was on VCL and now you're doing it here? Give it a REST. We use to be friend's. I don';t get what crawed up you're butt to out of the blue turn on me and every single thing I do. Geez not like there arnt a few dozen drawing's by other's that don't look like this. Like one that happens to be in a book? Yet you still keep bitching about me 'copying' this off something you did.

You can't clame something when many other's have similer drawing's, or even in a book.
raithesheep Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2002
Oh yeah, I remember this one. Devilish
briteddy Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
Lotz of detail. You should color it.
tomey Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2002
I love materializations of what's going on in someones head, especially when it's a struggle... This is especially nice. Swarm, fester and consume, awesome! Keep it up! :D (Big Grin) __Hugh
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